CCL FRUIT has been created to be lead in the field of marketing of fruits and vegetables products to different European markets.

About us

CCL Fruit has three lines of work mainly channeled through our brands “Tropical Food” and “Bio-Native”. These lines are focused in the direct import of BANANA and PINEAPPLE of south America, in agricultural marketing and distribution, Broccoli and Citrus, and exclusive distribution of natural and organic products such as Chia , Maca, and Quinoa , departing from Peru.


For organic and natural products like Maca, Chia , quinoa , whose origin is Peru , CCL Fruit , conscious are an infinite source of health, has chosen a very solid way exclusive marketing and distribution for all Europe.


It is our brand for the importation and distribution of Banana and Pineapples for all Europe. The main import product of CCL is the Banana. It has an average weight of 30% of the global sales. It is noteworthy that in this family there are 4 different types of banana. Conventional, Organic, Fair Trade, Organic Fair Trade. With our own production we guarantee quality fruit , highly controlled all quality standards to ensure their freshest consumption in any supermarket in the European union.